Oh! Pepe Pizza started out as a family pizza recipe handed down by kinsfolks
based in Italy. Further improved and developed to suit the Filipino taste
without losing its Italian authenticity, the pizza recipe instantly became a hit
among families and friends.
Soon, its first shop was established within a quaint little area in the metro.
Initially named Cornerstone Pizza, with biblical inspirations as the owner is a
Christian believer, the small family business became popular among people
craving for the right pizza bite – truly Italian with an Asian twist!
Careful research and development, later on, gave rise to different pizza
varieties, and the pizza was renamed Saint Pui’e Pizza, as the business grew
and became popular among consumers.
Today, it is known as Oh! Pepe Pizza – bearing the name of its founder and
owner Chef Pepe. Through the years, and a change of names along the way,
one thing remains unchanged with this pizza recipe: QUALITY!
Oh! Pepe Pizza has done the art of pizza making right, with its perfectly made
dough, excellent choice of toppings, and specially blended sauce, cheeses, and
other ingredients… to give you the right pizza bite, still at very affordable
prizes. Ooh! La laah!