Everyone Says Yes to a Great Pizza!

A great pizza makes a great family day! Presenting Oh! PEPE Pizza’s Best Sellers ✨🍕

Ham Bacon Pineapple

Let this menage a trois of flavours awaken your senses! Ham, bacon, and
pineapple – each gently teasing the palate. Made even more irresistible with
the perfectly baked dough. Embraced by specially blended sauce and cheeses.
Scent of other ingredients and spices intensifies the mood… Ah! What a tease!

All Pepperoni

Sizzle in the taste of sweet pepperoni, the tingle of the rich, specially
blended sauce, with melt-in-your-mouth cheese varieties, and other choice
ingredients. Then, there’s the perfect dough. Aaah… the teasing is irresistible!

Beef and Pepperoni

How’s this for a treat? A tandem of pepperoni and beef. Lying on a
spread of rich pizza sauce. Luscious cheese sprinkled generously. Plus a blend
of other select ingredients and spices… Tickled yet? Open your eyes to a feast!

Vegetables and Beef

The perfectly baked dough. The rich sauce and cheese varieties. Mingling
with the splendid beef cooked just right. The blending of select spices and
other ingredients. There’s a thrill in every bite… Close the door behind you.
And feel the sensation!

Oh! Pepe Pizza

Savour the passion of Chef Pepe…
As he meticulously prepares each pizza like a masterpiece:
Kneading the dough to perfect consistency,
Gently pouring in the rich, specially blended sauce,
Carefully placing each layer of select toppings,
And cooking it oh! so patiently, like a true artisan…
To give you the right pizza bite…